All You Need to Know About Women in Gambling

Gone are the days of Smokey casinos, loud raucous dog soundtracks, noisy betting shops, and the sound of spinning slots. As much as history is concerned, female gamblers have existed for centuries and they have played a critical role in the shaping and designing the modern gambling industry. It is no wonder the first ever legal commercial gambling license was given to a woman by Mayme Stocker in 1931.

As gambling becomes more and more especially in Europe, women were attracted and in return, they spearheaded the spreading of the new games. it is not long before some American women also joined in the move, although not very open because there was strong resistance from men at that time.

This made women gamble is secrecy. They hid their relationship with gambling with their friends and family because it was unheard off for a woman to gamble. Nevertheless, when the slot machine was introduced, it became a favorite among with who accompanied their husbands to brick and mortar casinos. Women could play their slot machine games while men were busy with the table games. The invention of roulette increased the presence of women in casinos and they have never pulled back again.

So much has changed in the gambling industry especially with the active presence of women. Now let us enter the fascinating world of women in the gambling industry. We will cover women in gambling from the veterans to the present-day stars. Take a look at how incredible women from back in the days and present have greatly impacted and continue with the same spirit to influence one of the oldest and most enjoyable activities known to humanity.

Ancient Gambling: Where it all began

Human beings have been betting on games of chance for a couple of millennia, with the first known account dating back over 4,500 years ago. Gambling has been practiced by a number of societies including, Egypt, Greece, India, Rome, China, and far beyond. Since its very first appearance, gambling has never stopped spreading and being popular, even when it was still illegal.

It has survived through ages and embraced by multiple cultures around the world. It cuts across people of all status, old and young, women and men, rich and poor, and from all walks of life. What was once believed to be a religious ritual finally became one of the best forms of entertainment?

Fortuna, Roman Goddess of Gambling

While gambling was highly practiced around the world, the Romans has a special religious affiliation to it, especially with the fact that women were allowed to participate. In fact, they had a goddess of gambling, Fortuna. There were very myths, beliefs, and traditions associated with the goddess. Her name, when translated from Latin means prosperous, lucky, and lucky. This goddess was a favorite among slaves and plebeians because they believed she could bestow them with freedom and wealth.

Women and Gambling in Ancient Rome and Greece

The ancient Rome had a set of rules regarding all forms of entertainment and gaming. For example, while men were allowed to gamble in public houses and their homes, women, on the other hand, were only allowed to gamble during the Bona Dea festival; something similar to an ‘All women party’ and the only game that was available was Tabula. However, women have begun gambling and participate in other public sports and leisure openly during the reign of Emperor Nero (37 AD – 68 A).

Board Games; Most popular games in the Roman empire were played on boards known as tabulae lusoriae where games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Duodecim Scripta were played. Women were more attracted to Tic-Tac-Toe than other board games.

Dice Games: dice games have been existing in Greek culture since the 7th Century B.C. These games were played by both men and women. There is artwork depicting god Eros and the goddess Aphrodite throwing a dice, and even heroes Ajax and Achilles playing dice game after the Trojan War.

Top Women Gambling Myths; True or False?

Do you believe that gambling is a man’s world? Am sorry if you belong to that category. Women love and enjoy gambling! As a matter of fact, the number of gambling women is rising from day to day compared to men. This has prompted some developers and designers to come up with casino specially designed for women.

Despite all these, there has been numerous misconceptions, myths, rumours…name them all, about women and gambling. It is high time to debunk these stereotypes which have piled of the ages and add facts about it. Here is a list of the top 10 women gambling myths.

  1. Women gamble less compared to men
  2. Gambling is for old ladies only
  3. Women are less prone to addiction than men
  4. Women like playing Bingo
  5. Most women avoid land-based casinos
  6. Women play slot more than men
  7. Very few women play poker
  8. Most women gamble for social reasons
  9. Women started gambling recently
  10. Gambling is for single women

Comparison: Who gambles more women or men?

It is inarguable that men gamble more than women. And it is also true that the participation gap between the two genders has greatly narrowed. According to the statistics released by the UK Gambling Commission in 2012 men were at 57.8% while women were at 55.03%. Six years down the line, the gap might not be there even.

Game Preference: Cards or Slots?

According to studies, slots and bingo are the most played games by women gamblers whereas games like poker and blackjack are liked by men. However, the belief that slots are predominant among women is changing with time. Most men have started playing online slots especially online video slots because they are attractive and with huge prizes to be won.

Best Online Casino for Women Gamblers

As aforementioned, the notion of gambling being a man’s activity is gone with the wind. Since women prefer gambling in online casinos than in brick and mortar casinos, we have compiled a list of the safest casino brands designed for female gamers.  Here are some of the best brands you can choose from. Rest assured, they have a plethora of games, multiple payment options, generous bonuses and promotions, and much more.

  • 888 Ladies casino
  • Manhattan Slots Casino
  • Anna Casino
  • Maria Casino
  • Ladylucks Casino
  • Pink Casino

Top Female Gamblers in the Industry

  • Sofia Lovegren: Poker Female Star and Ambassador of 888 Casino
  • Virginia McDowell: President and Board Chair of Global Gaming Women (GGW)
  • Shannon Elizabeth Fadal: Poker Player
  • Gladys Knight: American Singer
  • Pamela Anderson: Model

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