DrakeMall Review – The New Mysterious Brand In Case Opening Websites

Case opening websites have been here for a long time, especially in games like CS:GO. Essentially, the idea is to win great gifts like the latest MacBook or the iPhone XS Max at low prices!

With a case opening website like Drake Mall, you can now win incredible prizes at a low cost!

So, what is DrakeMall and how it works?

Before we go on with the Drakemall review, let’s first talk about what is Drakemall. Basically, DrakeMall is an e-commerce website which has revolutionized the e-commerce industry. Here, you can find goodies of all kind and all offers are unbelievably incredible.

When it comes to navigating yourself through the website, the website’s controls are pretty simple which makes it easy to explore all the things the website has to offer. Similarly, making an account, adding assets to your wallet, and winning prizes is quite straightforward!

Now that you know that with DrakeMall, you can win exciting prizes. However, you might be wondering, how does it all work? Well, once you register yourself to the website, you need to add funds to your profile. Then, based on the funds you added, you get to open a virtual case that contains numerous different items that range from electronics to designer accessories and even sports equipment!

Next, you get to test your luck by spinning the wheel of fortune. If you’re very lucky, you may win an Apple MacBook Pro in just $50! Since there is a prize for each spin, you can be assured that you won’t go home empty-handed at all!

Plus, apart from opening cases to win stuff, you can also buy them at an average price. The best part is, you won’t feel lost when you visit the website. There is a FAQ section on the website which answers most of your questions. And if you still have questions unanswered, the support team is there to help.

How to win prizes on DrakeMall?

To start winning amazing gifts, you need first to register yourself. To do this, you need to locate the sign-up button which you will find in the top-right corner of the screen. To sign up, you will have to enter a username and a password. Alternatively, you can also login using your Twitter, Gmail, and Facebook account.

Once you sign in to the website, you will see numerous cases being presented to you. Right now there are 14 cases, but more are continuously added. Each case contains a set of products. But, before you can bid on any virtual case, you first need to add funds in your DrakeMall wallet. The website offers various payment methods. You can add funds using your credit card (MasterCard or Visa). You can also buy funds with PayPal or replenish your account with gift cards. You can find reviews and giveaways on facebook page as well.

Now that you have added funds to your wallet, it is time to select the case that you would like to open and then go for the spin. So, for instance, if you choose an Apple case, you can win an iPhone XS Max, that too without spending a hefty amount of money!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Think about how you will feel when you spin the wheel and win amazing prices!

Now that you have won some thing amazing, the next step is to get the items delivered to your doorstep. How is that possible? Well, like the whole website, it is pretty simple.

First, go to your profile page. Find the delivery form and fill it completely. Then, in your profile, go to the products tab. Now, on the item you have won, press delivery. If you don’t want an item, then instead of getting it delivered, you can sell it. Next, select your delivery address and accept the terms and conditions. Finally, when you are ready to get the items shipped, just press on confirm.

Okay, I can get an iPhone on DrakeMall, but what else?

Apart from an iPhone, you will find a whole range of items ranging from your everyday necessities to your loved treats. You can find items including electronics, gears for games, and high-tech gadgets. Similarly, you can also get things like toys.

A few popular cases you’ll find on the website include the Wow case which includes items like a hoverboard, Xbox One X, Binoculars, fidget spinner and a lot more! Similarly, the gamer case is also quite famous and with this case, you can win items like a Samsung TV, PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation VR.

Rest assured, you will get great items, and if you win something you don’t want, then you can just try your luck once more!

Conclusion: is legit?

It is only natural to doubt the authenticity of the website as it is hard to believe you can get such amazing items at a low price! There is nothing to worry about though; the website is completely safe and even has certificates like the Curacao E-Gaming License.

All in all, Drake Mall is a great opportunity to win valuable prizes at exceptional prices. Plus, you can also get a chance to win a bonus of up to $10 if you post a picture or video of the prices you received on social media.

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