Exciting Advancements in the Online Casino Industry

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Every year advancements in computer technology hit us with more wonders than we can keep track of… and, excitingly, the improvements in the online casino industry have been tagging along, too. Software and programming providers, as well as online casino stores have been working hard on keeping online casinos up-to-date with the newest technology. Here we explore the newest things we have to look forward to in this timeless industry!

Improving Payment Options

Once upon a time, making any kind of payment online was a nightmare. But now there are a variety of e-wallets and mobile payment sites that you can link to your card or casino account for smooth, easy payments. This might not be the most exciting of advancements, but quick reliable payment options mean you can deposit money fast and get paid fast – and that’s exciting news to us! Most online casinos are starting to accept not just Visa and Mastercard, but Paysafecard, ecoPayz, Skrill and Neteller – and we’re expecting even more options soon, just keep reading!

Getting Into the eCurrency Industry

It’s about time that casinos merged their money moving skills with the cryptocurrency industry. Some online casinos have already started accepting Bitcoins and other top eCurrencies. So if you’re a regular punter and the eCurrency industry is something you are trying to crack into, this collaboration is exciting news for you.

Making Games for the Younger Generations

Online casinos have realized that they’ve been lacking in the biggest generations of gamers so far: Millenials and the iGeneration. So things are changing. Now that they’re targeting games at the younger generations, we’re seeing more themed games featuring hit movies, top TV shows and even favorite comedians.

Gamification, Anyone?

To appeal to the younger generations even further, software providers are creating more gamer-friendly games. What does this mean? They’re leaving less up to chance and throwing more skills into the mix. Games have better graphics and are overall higher quality, but they also include an added element of increased competition. Gamification turns stats and outcomes into tables and charts so gamers can keep track of who’s winning the most, got the best odds, or falling flat on their faces. This means more competition and even more addicting play.

Casino Games on the Go

Finally, online casinos are getting into the mobile market and creating noteworthy games available through cleverly constructed apps. Seeing as most businesses are going mobile these days it makes sense that casinos do, too. Compatible with both Apple and Android – both software providers and online casinos are creating ways for gamers to take their gambling fun on the go. We are seeing high-quality graphics and top games to match their desktop components and are looking forward to more favorites making the move over! What’s awesome about this move to mobile phones are all the added bonuses and extras available. As mobile casino apps are fairly new to both the app and online gaming world, many are offering incredible Welcome Bonuses that reach far higher than their desktop counterparts – so if there’s a time to start getting excited about gaming on your mobile, it’s now!

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