How Apps Can Help You Prepare Online For Competitive Exams

Rohit had always been a good student, and he nurtured the dream of becoming an IAS officer once he grew up. Once he joined one of the esteemed engineering colleges in a large city, that dream kept running away from him. He could hardly manage the pressure of the daily assignments, the peer pressure in a new town and the special coaching classes he had joined for his UPSC preparations.

That was when he discovered the world of educational apps. Learning apps can be various types; the ones Rohit now uses with full confidence and satisfaction typically cater to students who want to tackle the syllabus of UPSC alongside their daily college assignments.

There was a time when students could not think beyond guide books and coaching classes to prepare for their UPSC and other competitive exams. Today, students want the best of the best resources to crack competitive exams at the first try. India is taking a tech-powered jump into the future of learning and education. While coaching centres still prevail in every town and city, education apps seem to be the ruler of the future of education in India. It is easy to see why – according to a national survey, over 7 crore students attended coaching classes or took tuitions to prepare for competitive tests even in 2016, but in 2019, over 30 lakh students subscribe to app-based learning that allows them to pursue all the relevant subjects sitting at home.

Competition in every front is growing at a tremendous rate. Millions of students sit in the UPSC exams each year, but less than 1% of the original number get through to the final stage of training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). Students preparing for UPSC can benefit from following the coursework and updates on dedicated learning apps meant for UPSC aspirants.

Here’s how learning apps can help you prepare for your UPSC exams –

1:- Interactive video lessons

The educational apps provide users with enjoyable but informative video lessons regularly. No matter which topic or subject you want to study or revise, there are exclusive interactive videos you can find on the application platform.

It gives each student the privilege of watching an expert solve a problem, or tackle a theory in the most ingenious ways possible. Learning apps bring together the perks of exclusive expert guided learning with self-study in the same package.

2:- The latest study material

The tech-savvy generation does not believe in learning from black-and-white textbooks and notes anymore. They are always in search of stronger impetuses, like excerpts from the most sought after lectures by subject experts, and the latest versions of guide books.

Say, you have a perfectly time-tested book that teaches you about the workings of an engine. However, if you have access to a lecture by an automobile engineer from MIT on the features of an engine, he or she has built from scratch, which form of learning would you prefer?

The new learning apps bring that choice to every student in India. A student can choose the method of information delivery he or she finds the most engaging.

3:- Test papers and mock series

Learning or absorbing information day-after-day is not enough. Every good student needs to test his or her learning by appearing for mock tests. The occasional UPSC test paper before the real exam also helps with their preparation. Research shows that students who attempt to solve multiple test papers before the actual test actually manage to perform much better than those who resort to good old fashioned learning only.

The latest learning apps for students can bring them the last year’s question papers along with the past five or ten year’s question papers. More importantly, the best of the best apps link these papers to the UPSC prelims answer key cutoff for each year. That gives the students a brilliant way to test their knowledge against the official answers published each year for the respective question papers.

4:- 24/7 availability

The biggest problem the students face during the preparatory phase is balancing the time between their school or college, tuition, specialized coaching classes and social engagements. They hardly find the time for some self-care, which is vital for optimal performance during UPSC or any other competitive exam.

The latest Android and iOS learning applications have brought versatile and flexible learning options for students in all the states of India. They don’t have to worry about missing classes in college for attending special weekday classes in their competitive coaching institute. They don’t have to miss homework or assignment deadlines by preparing for mock exams at the tuition. The learning apps provide them with the option of studying whenever they feel like and wherever they feel like. Now you don’t have to bite your nails every time you spend an hour on the bus every morning. You can go through the previous night’s topics or listen to new lectures on the laws of motion, while the bus moves at its own speed.

5:- Customized pace

Each student has a unique mind that requires the right kind of support and nurturing. It is impossible to find the right kind of moral support at coaching classes that have one teacher attending to the doubts of 30-odd students.

Sometimes, students find it a little deterring to clarify doubts in front of their peers. These learning apps take away the quotients of fear and doubt from the equation. These not only answer each and every question the students have to ask, but they also make sure that the user (student) understands the concept thoroughly by providing them with related problem sets.

These apps make learning easy for everyone interested in preparing for the UPSC exams in the long-run. They encourage the students to complete one chapter or topic at their own pace. If you want to complete sound waves before light, there is no one to stop you. A student can sort the entire syllabus according to his or her convenience.

Learning apps are changing the world of education. Students no longer feel the need of travelling for miles to the “best” coaching class in town or solving the test series with the “highest recommendations” from tuition to feel confident about their preparation. Whether you dream of becoming an IAS officer, IFS or IRS official, you should first become friends with the best learning app in town that can complete your preparation for the upcoming UPSC.

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