Every app that you’ve ever purchased is associated with the Apple ID you used to purchase it with. If you uninstall an app, and need to install it again your Purchased list can help you find it. It’s especially useful if you’re looking for an obscure app. That said, if you don’t like your list of purchased apps to be so easily accessible you can hide purchases on iOS. We should warn you that as of iOS 11, and the latest version of iTunes, it is no longer simple to unhide apps that you’ve hidden. That’s not to say that it’s impossible but it will take more effort so be careful which apps you decide to hide.

Hiding an app doesn’t delete it, nor does cancel any of your subscriptions.

Hide Purchases On iOS

Open the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad. App purchases are tied to the account that was used to download them. If you have more than one Apple ID, you will need to sign in to whichever one you used to download the app purchase you want to hide.

Once signed in, tap your Apple ID avatar at the top right. On your Account page, you will see an option ‘Purchased’. Tap it and you can see a list of all apps that you’ve downloaded, and that are installed on the current device. To view apps that you’ve downloaded but later uninstalled from the current device, go to the Not on this iPhone tab.

Scroll through the list and look for an app you want to hide. When you see an app you want to hide, swipe left to reveal a Hide button. Tap it to hide the app.


To view your hidden purchases, open the App Store app, tap your Apple account avatar at the top right, and tap View account on the menu that appears. Tap your account ID and enter your password, Touch ID, or Face ID to authenticate. On your Account page, scroll down and you will see a ‘Hidden Purchases’ section. Tap it and you can see all hidden items. You can redownload an item if you want.

Unhide Purchases On iOS

Before iOS 11, a hidden purchase could be restored from iTunes. Unfortunately, the latest  version of iTunes no longer has an App Store which was key to unhidding purchases on iOS. This means that the current version of iTunes makes it so that you cannot unhide purchases on iOS.

If you need to unhide purchases on iOS, you can get the App Store in iTunes back by installing a special version that Apple released. It is going to come with its own complications i.e. you will need to sync your library all over again but at this point, there is no other way.

Once you have the special version, or any older version of iTunes, go to ViewAccount and go to the Purchases section. There, you will see an option unhide purchases.

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  • This is wrong “This means that the current version of iTunes makes it so that you cannot unhide purchases on iOS.”

    Account View My Account… Sign in Manage (iTunes in the Cloud section)


    Then just go the the Apps tab and Unhide any app you need to.