Under the Magnifying Glass of Truth: 4 Myths and Facts About Cyber Crime

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Cyber crime is
something that is becoming quite common on the Internet today. It is important
for businesses to be aware of the risk of cyber crime and adequately prepare
their systems and teams to deal with cyber crime. In order to learn more about
the realities surrounding cyber crime, consider the information below:

4 Myths About Cyber Crime

There are many
myths related to cyber crime, which can lead companies to substantial risk.
Working with consultants such as Ntiva’s strategic planning and budgeting can
help to mitigate some of these common misconceptions and myths:

Software Will Protect You

Having software is
a standard practice of business today; however, it will not protect you from cyber crime. If you are not regularly
maintaining your systems, then you are at risk for holes in your systems that
can be prayed upon by hackers. Be sure to regularly update your software and
run security screenings.

Cyber Crime Is Only Related to Making Money

Cyber crime can be targeted to make money; however cyber crime is also after information. Classified files are another item that are a target for cyber criminals. Be sure to bear this in mind when implementing the IT security plan in your organization.

Cyber Criminals Don’t Target Small Businesses

Once again, cyber
crime is not only about money. For this reason, both large and small
organizations can fall victim to cyber crime. Be sure to protect even the
smallest business from cyber crime.

Cyber Crime Only Has to Do with Credit Card Fraud

There have been
many headlines about credit card fraud; however, that is only part of the piece
of the puzzle. Be sure that you protect all aspects of your IT server from
important cyber crime threats,

4 Facts About Cyber Crime

Be sure to be aware
of these important facts about cyber crime:

Employees Are One of the Largest Threats in Cyber Crime

One of the largest
oversights that a firm can make is regarding their employees and the
information that they have access to. Many of these issues arise from external
devices that employees bring in to copy privileged information or passwords
that they distribute to outside parties. 

Many Attacks Begin with Email Phishing

Email phishing is
something that can cause problems from one person clicking the incorrect link
and being prompted to submit personal confidential information. Make sure to
educate your staff about email phishing and the common scams to look out for.
This will help protect your firm from these risks.

Cyberattacks Are One of the Fastest Growing Crimes in America

One area of crime
that keeps evolving is cyber crime. The reason for this is that these crimes
continue to have hackers finding new ways to gain access to confidential
information. Be sure to follow the rise of cyber crime in the United States and
learn how to better protect your business.

Malware Is the Most Costly Form of Cyber Attack

Malware can enter in a firm’s system when an operator hits the wrong button and is unaware of the link they open. The damages can cost millions of dollars depending on the size of the firm. Education is important with preventing the entry of malware to your firm’s IT servers.

Be sure to research cyber crime regularly and the current threats to your organization. This type of crime is evolving constantly and it is essential to safeguard your business by educating your staff on preventative methods. By doing so, you will have less liability and fiscal loss due to cyber crimes in the longer term.

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