What Games you can Play for Cash?

Gambling is fun, gambling is a way of life… there are many things we could say about this activity. But can it assure an income stream steady enough for you to rely on it for a living? Is it a viable way to make money in the long run? The answer might seem to be a definite “no”… but, as you are probably used to it, things are not this simple in real life. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon as a whole, and try to decide whether you can make a living by playing games of chance.

Real money fun

Gambling is, above all, a form of entertainment. It has always been, and it will always be. Casinos offer their players a unique combination of risk-taking and fun – players stake their cash on the outcome of the games, while also enjoying playing the game itself. It’s hard to tell which one of the two they enjoy the most, at least until you try it yourself. The games themselves are, indeed, fun to play, otherwise, the numerous social casino apps available for smartphones weren’t this successful. The most dedicated slot machine fans don’t play the game to win – they play the game for the game itself. This is due to the way our brain is wired: the continuously flowing reward signals (small wins) send our mind into a “zone” where time itself seems to stop, and the only things moving are the reels.

Playing for cash

Slot machines are the most numerous games at casinos, online and land-based alike. Online casinos have a huge advantage: for them, deploying a new slot machine means uploading a program to a server. Reading Royal Vegas Casino blog will show you just how frequently this is done: the Royal Vegas adds at least one new slot machine to its already impressive lineup. Other games, like blackjack and video poker, are launched with a far lower frequency. This is understandable if you think of it: blackjack is blackjack and once you’ve already launched all the variants of the game – as the Royal Vegas has – there’s not much use of making any others.

Slot machines are by far the worst games to play if you plan to make a buck. Slot machines are completely fair which, in their case, means “unpredictable”. There is no way you can predict or influence the outcome of a spin.

Blackjack, in turn, is a different story. Here, players can decide whether to hit, stand, double up or surrender, depending on their own hands, and the cards revealed by the dealer. There are also a handful of strategies that, when applied, can improve their chances of winning any hand. These traits make blackjack one of the safest games to play if your goal is to make money playing casino games in the long run.

The rest is luck – and fun.

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